Bible Online
This is an excellent online tool for researching and studying the Bible. It includes multiple english translations, a Greek and Hebrew lexicon, an interlinear Bible, multiple commentaries, cross references, and provides a search function to locate a specific text or scriptures that contain a key word. Its also free, so it makes an excellent resource and we highly recommend it.

This is an excellent apologetics ministry operated by our dear brother in Christ, Clint Bishard, which focuses on creation-science and the Biblical account of creation (6 literal days). Jesus Created Ministries (“JCM”), provides teaching seminars on the veracity of the Bible, articles, and other creation-science resources. JCM also takes groups via bus to tour the “Creation Science Museum” in Kentucky (which is operated by Answers in Genesis – detailed below). Please contact JCM via their website for more information about this as well as other resources provided by this ministry.
This is an excellent discernment ministry operated by our friend and brother in Christ, Justin Peters, which focuses on exposing the false teachings and origins of the modern “Word of Faith” movement running rampant within the contemporary church (this heretical doctrine is also sometimes referred to as the “prosperity gospel” or “name it and claim it” gospel). We highly recommend JPM’s DVD series “A Call to Discernment” as well as his other teaching materials. Please contact brother Justin via his website to schedule a seminar, or for more information on the resources available.

Justin Peters, with cooperation with Worldview Weekend, hosts an internet radio program. You can listen and download the programs at The Justin Peters Program
This is another really good apologetics ministry focusing on creation science and the Biblical 6-day creation. AIG operates the highly recommended and Biblically and scientifically sound “Creation Science Museum” located in Kentucky. Please check out their web-site for more information.
Hosts all things in defense of the Christian Faith; including articles, links to other resources, research, and sermons.


This tract ministry is ran by a brother in Christ and a dear friend. Andy does an excellent job with tracts and we have collaborated with him for years. He truly loves the Lord and we cannot say enough to recommend his work. He also produces custom tracts, as long as they are solidly Biblical. If you need some Biblical tracts, we give a huge endorsement to TractPlanet.

Another good resource for tracts that include a solid law and Gospel presentation. They also provide excellent custom tracts. Brother Marv has also helped us out repeatedly with our international tracts.
Just sign up and you can get up to 30 free (and additional low cost) pocket-sized Gospels of John for personal evangelism from the Pocket Testament League. Although we dont believe that the canned “sinner’s prayer” in the back is a Biblical way to present salvation (we just remove that page). Biblically, we believe that the Christian should present the Gospel and implore sinners to repentance and faith. Jesus Christ does the saving, not a canned prayer.
The “club” will send you 30 free tracts per month; just sign up. Carl is another genuine believer and we can’t recommend this club enough.

Pastor and author Voddie Baucham from Grace Family Baptist Church in Texas; strong and solid focus on the importance of the Gospel-centered family, and family integration within the church. We recommend “family driven faith” and “what he must be”. Voddie also does an excellent exposition on the Biblical doctrine of predestination and election.
An excellent sermon by Missionary Paul Washer delivered to a Youth Conference. A must hear and highly recommended. 
Pastor and author John MacArthur’s website. It contains a large number of excellent expositional sermons and we highly recommend it.

Missionary Societies
This is the solid and Biblical missionary society founded by Paul Washer. Heartcry supports a great number of indigenous missionaries and pastors overseas, including our beloved pastor Bill in Uganda. They also provide excellent sermons and other resources. We highly recommend this organization. We like the multi-part “Gospel” series that brother Paul preaches. It can be downloaded free from

Mark Dever’s organization; they provide some excellent Biblical guidelines and principles for the church. You will find GFBC registered with this organization since we share many of the same values and beliefs.
This is the National Center for Family Integrated Churches, for which we are also registered. This organization sponsors and supports churches with a family-integrated focus. We recommend their film “Divided” which lays out many of our beliefs on the unBiblical nature of modern “youth ministry culture”. Watch it free at: Divided the Movie
Highly recommended for website design. Our Brother Avery is a sincere and devoted Christian, we can’t recommend his work enough

Ignited Media