Missions & Evangelism

As a church and individually, we strive to share the Gospel in our daily lives, in one on one conversations, and at public events where people gather. Biblical evangelism includes many essential facets such as; Biblical church planting, supporting other local Biblical churches, and evangelism within the family when parents, in faith, submit to Scripture and spiritually disciple and share the Gospel (and live the Gospel) before and towards their own children. Further, evangelism includes Biblical expository preaching that happens within the church proper.

As a church we support several churches, missionaries and ministries overseas. Our support primarily consists of sending Scriptures and Biblical tracts (in local languages) to support their evangelism and the spreading of the Gospel in their own countries. In Uganda, we support our sister church “Reconciliation Bible Church” in Kampala, Uganda; pastored by Bill Issa. In Pakistan, we work with Daud Younus the director for the Native Initiative for Mission and Evangelism – Pakistan. Brother Daud also administers the “Christian Book Room” in Abbottabad and worked with us to translate a Biblical Gospel tract into Urdu, which he and the other brothers there are very zealous to distribute. We also provide resources, as God has enabled us, to a other believers in India (Pastor Samuel Raju), and the Philippines (Jimmy and Nitoy) to support their one to one witnessing/evangelism. In addition to these efforts, we have provided Biblical tracts and Scriptures in local languages to Americans going overseas on mission trips on occasion.

So far, by God’s grace and with assistance from these Brothers; we have gotten Biblical tracts and Gospels of John translated into various language. You can find some of them on the website for free download. Please feel free to print your own and distribute them.

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