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Below are some custom tracts that we have created and are available for free download.

These tracts are a bit “beefier” than those you would typically find. Our goal is to convey as much information as possible and present a Biblical law and gospel presentation.

In addition, we have created and translated with the help of our Brothers overseas, solid Biblical tracts into Urdu, Swahili, Luganda, Zulu, French and Telugu. Please contact us if you need some for an upcoming mission trip to France, Africa, Pakistan or India.

Tracts for Download:

English Tracts:








The following pdf Bible-study workbooks we have found to be excellent resources. These will work you verse by verse through the Biblical doctrine of God, and of man. In particular we love their heavy use of Scripture. These were authored by brother Paul Washer from Heartcry Missionary Society and are graciously available for free download. We highly recommend them.

The following pdf article was written by our brother in Christ, Justin Peters ( We have included it here for your edification. The article discusses some of the most severe problems with the extremely popular paraphrase called The Message.