We believe that music and worship is about bringing glory to God and not about entertaining men. Most of the time we use traditional hymns, but the main focus regardless of genre, is that it be theologically sound and Biblical. We don’t believe that there is a prohibition against musical instruments but it should be a melodious sound per Psalm 92:3. In fact, the skillful use of musical instruments can be a tremendous blessing.

We strive to select songs for worship that focus on the person, nature and attributes of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. We reject songs which are repetitive, man-centered, which include un-biblical doctrine, or which appeal to the flesh; such as styles which have their basis and origin in rebellion against God. In other words we don’t believe that its appropriate to use rock music, rap music, heavy metal or similar styles for worship music. We don’t believe that these styles can be separated from their sinful origins, and our conviction is that believers should be very careful on how they approach a Holy God.

We also conduct worship in a family (age) integrated manner. This means we have all members of the church, young and old, together worshipping. It is our Biblical conviction that this is the model presented in Scripture. While American culture favors age-segregated worship, this methodology is not explicit anywhere in Scripture. From just reading the New Testament one would not find activities in the church presented in a age-segregated manner. Nevertheless, we don’t believe that it is necessarily a sin to have age-based worship, but it is not wise, nor is it modeled in Scripture. In fact, we believe it can be quite detrimental to the transmission of the Gospel to children. More information on our Biblical convictions on this issue are explained in the FAQ section.